Coming to ya live from NYC!


There is nothing I love more than inspiring others through my love of all things travel, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, fitness and food! I’m social media obsessed, yes, I’m “one of those” and I’m not sorry about it. I like to say I’m somewhat of an expert, especially in the travel world, and I’m pretty sure my friends would vouch for me. I talk a lot *insert long blog post*, I would take coffee in an i.v. if it were legal, & I love to share everything I’m doing via social because there is never a dull moment in my weird silly life.

I started my journey in the South, but my attitude and desire to explore the world has always stuck out like a sore thumb from the typical southern belle. Get me excited and talking too fast (or a few sips of some bubbly) and my southern drawl will take center stage.

I’m a dreamer of big dreams, and a doer of even bigger things, and my poppin personality is ready for this next chapter. Follow along as i chase after my ungodly amount of wanderlust and try to keep my head above the water of this crazy beautiful life!




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