We have all had to make changes to our norm as we’ve been stuck at home. My biggest concern when everything started to close was the gym. I know, sounds silly, but my gym time is where I do my best head clearing. I’ve really been prioritizing my fitness over the past year. In addition I have finally gotten to a point where I am happy healthy, and living a balanced lifestyle. I knew I could either let it all go to waste, or I could try to come out stronger on the other side. To maintain all of my hard work, I have tried continue challenging myself in all aspects of my wellness over the past few weeks. With so many options, it can be hard to choose what works best for you, so I thought I would share the three staples that have helped me keep my mind right throughout this time at home.


Home workouts can be a bit of a challenge no matter where you live. The biggest factor for me is trying not to disturb the apartment below me. Since I am a morning gym girl I knew working out in my apt. wasn’t an option. On the days its been pretty I’ve been going to a nearby park to do my classes outside. On the less glorious days i’ve turned my buildings basement into my personal studio. The crazy dog lady gives me weird looks at 7 a.m. but ya do what ya gotta do.

A lot of fitness companies are offering promos now that everyone is working out at home. Of course I tried the majority of them before I really decided which was worth the fee & required the least amount of equipment. Openfit offers a wide variety of Live classes each day. You can choose to sign up for a live class with an instructor, or do any of the pre-recorded sessions on your own time. My favorite are the HIIT workouts. Sign up & try your first 14 days FREE! If you sign up for a class feel free to shoot me a dm and we can hop in a class together virtually!

IG: @myopenfit


If any of you know how to turn off the switch telling your body you’re hungry 24/7 when staying home pls. let me know. My walk to the fridge has become far too frequent. Thankfully, my friend Sarah is here to help all of us stock our pantries with the good stuff. If you’re fighting to avoid ordering the pizza, but don’t know what to cook, what you need, or how to do it, Sarah is your girl. She shares so many EASY nutritious recipes on her page.

This girl is also an incredible health coach. I began working with her around this time last year and I can 100% say she is the reason I was finally able to find balance and build a healthy relationship with food. She is the realest of the real. If you struggle with your food habits, choices, etc. I highly recommend signing up for 1-1 coaching with her. Give her a follow and get all the balanced living inspo from food to fitness.

IG: @wellbeing.wellbought


I would like to formally state, Jenny Gaither is my spirit animal. She is one of the few SoulCycle instructors I will go out of my way so that I can get to a studio for her class. Every time I leave her class (s/o to the hip-hop Saturday crew @e63rd) I feel like I can conquer the world. She is the Queen of girl power!

To help all of us get a little movement and step away from the computer during our WFH days, Jenny is hosting Notorious fit classes on Zoom. Basically, you are signing up for a 45 minute dance party that makes ya sweat. I know there are multiple days these sessions have given me the breather I needed to power through the rest of the day. You can sign up for her next session here. You can also catch her on the SBX ig for live boxing classes. Check out their ig for the schedule.

IG: jennygaither

Wether or not you’re looking for some cooking inspo, a good at home workout or just a daily boost, I hope these resources help you to get through this crazy time like they have been helping me.