Travel Guide: Mykonos

Four days in Mykonos was the perfect end cap to our trip. I was fully expecting for Santorini to be my favorite stop on our itinerary, but Mykonos won by a land slide. It is known as being the “party” island, but you can definitely go there for a major chill time too.

Our hotel was a little far from the center of town, so we didn’t leave much. There wasn’t much of a reason to considering we had a sweet pool and incredible view to enjoy all day. After lounging all day we walked the beach to get to dinner, enjoying the most beautiful sunsets. The only regret I have from this island was that we only went into town to Little Venice one night. If you have looked at Mykonos on Instagram or Pinterest, most of the pictures will will find are of this area. Little Venice is definitely worth dedicating a good amount of time to explore because it is the heart of the island.

The highlight of our trip, was our boat day. Since our original boat day got cancelled in Santorini due to weather, we were determined to make it happen while we were in Mykonos. We booked our sea excursion through our hotel and got a great deal for a full day private boat excursion, all food & drinks included. I have said this before, but this is well worth saving your penny’s for. It’s always my big splurge, all though this was pretty cheap. We hopped aboard the boat around 9 am and cruised the Mediterranean until 3. We drank all the wine, enjoyed the sun and ate the most amazing authentic Greek lunch prepared by our captain. I would go back and do it all over again because this was an absolutely incredible day.


  • Scorpios
  • Kastro’s
  • Nikolas Taverna
  • Rouvera
  • Tasos Taverna
  • Yialo Yialo

Things to do:

  • Full Day boat cruise
  • Paradise Beach
  • Little Venice


Votsalaki Boutique Resort

When I was researching places to stay in Mykonos, I was trying to find something away from all the partying and hoopla. A friend recommended Votsalaki to me and it was absolutely perfect. Placed on a mountain overlooking the famous Paradise Beach, it was the perfect spot to enjoy some peace and quiet, but close enough to hop over to the fun side when you are ready for some dancing. We stayed in one of the superior apartments, each of which has its own balcony with a dipping pool and panoramic view of the Aegean archipelagos . It was so nice to wake up and drink our coffee out on our little porch with our feet in the pool. The resort only had about 30 rooms, so we got to know a lot of the guests really well during our stay. I loved that we were able to meet so many interesting people from around the world.

I am a sucker for a an infinity pool and an incredible view. I spent all four days posted up on a floatie soaking up every ray of sun possible. The bar and restaurant was right by the pool, which meant we never had to leave the resort during the day. The best part, every day around 3 the bartenders served everyone a complimentary shot of the day. The espresso martini shot was my fave. The only downside to this hotel was that the food and drinks were pricey in comparison to what we were paying when we went into town. Thankfully the food and drinks were top notch so paying a little bit more wasn’t terrible. I see another visit to Votsalaki in my future.