Greece Travel Guide|10 Day Itinerary

Greece has been on my bucket list since I was a kid, watching Mamma Mia on repeat. Especially over the past year, Greece has been a hot topic in travel, so naturally I had to get there ASAP. I have a mindset that if you are going to make the trek to get there, you need to take advantage of it. We decided with our ten days we would hit the highlights of Greece, Athens, Santorini and Mykonos. We were really able to maximize our time in each of them and did not leave any of them thinking we needed more time… except for Mykonos just because it was heaven on earth.


We started our trip off with three days in Athens, Europe’s oldest capitol and the largest city in Greece. Outside of all of the historical landmarks, there is not much to do in Athens so we spent the least amount of time here. We were able to see and do everything on our list in about 48 hours. Although it’s not the dreamiest place, it was so special being able to walk the streets of one of the oldest cities in the world.


Thira, Santorini has been all over my Instagram feed for the last year so I knew we had to dedicate a good amount of time to this island. Over the course of our three days in Thira we were able to see almost all of the island. Each of the towns are so unique and have such different personalities. We never knew what to anticipate from one tiny town to the next. The island was not what I expected at all, but being able to see and experience it was a long time dream come true.


The last stop on our big fat Greek girls trip was Mykonos and it did not disappoint. Since there is not a lot to do on the island, I thought it would be perfect to end our trip with some rest and relaxation. We planned our visit during low season, so it was pretty deserted, but that’s my kind of getaway. It felt like we had the island to ourselves. Mykonos is known as “the party island”, but our only care, was soaking up every ray of sunshine during our three days there.

Getting around between the islands was surprisingly easy and ridiculously affordable. We flew from athens to santorini, ferried to Mykonos, and then flew back to athens for our flight home. Ten days gave us the perfect amount of time to cover everything in all three places. To give you all the info you need to plan your trip, I’ll be sharing all the deets for each of the islands in my next three posts, stay tuned!