My Post Vacay Reset

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Do you have a hard time switching your vacay mode off? I know I sure do. I am the holiday queen so getting back into my routine can be really challenging. Since it’s something I struggle with I thought I would share so that I could help you guys next time you are trying to get back into your real world groove!

I am an avid traveler and when I am away on holiday I tend to over indulge. I soak up every bit of culture the place has to offer and a lot of time that is in the form of food. This can leave me feeling a little less than awesome when heading home, but I have found a few ways to help me remedy this.

I try to focus on three things to reset after vacation:

1. Nutrition

This is the biggest piece of my reset. Especially after this trip to Greece, I will be needing a major nutrition overhaul. I may or may not have eaten frozen yogurt every. Night. and I am not sad about it one bit. Today I am focusing on eating Low carb, high protein, and flooding my body with tea and water. All of this helps reduce inflammation as well as clear your system. Normally, I focus on doing this for about a week to really get my gut back in check.

2. Exercise

The good thing about trips like this is that you walk a pretty good amount. I was getting my steps in everyday until we got to Mykonos, where I posted up on a pool float for three days. To get my heart rate up and get a good sweat, I will be focusing on HIIT/cardio workouts. This is a great way to get rid of fat and sweat out all the toxins your body has taken in from the alcohol and junk food.

3. A day of rest

Lastly, I always set aside a day for rest when returning from an international trip to cope with the jet lag. I have gotten pretty good at planning my travel where I don’t come back ridiculously turned around on sleep but long stints of travel always wear on you. I jumped back into work today, but I’m going to take this long weekend to unpack and rest.


It’s okay to splurge. Do not let diet and exercise hinder you from enjoying your holiday. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to eat bad and not exercise but for me I try to just balance it all while I’m gone so I can enjoy myself a little more. I’ll do another post on that later. For now, you can catch me getting my sweat on and eating all the whole foods. Post vacay reset, lets go!