Travel Guide:Beaver Creek,CO


For Christmas, my family decided to be non-traditional and take a trip. Since there are only seven of us, it is easy to coordinate getting away for the holidays. For us, the holidays means lying around in our stretchy pants, eating all the food and playing lots of games. This year we packed up those holiday rituals and took them to Beaver Creek, Colorado for the week.


We picked BC because they allow snowboarders and skiers since two of us ski and one snowboards. The skiing conditions were incredible. I have never skid on so much fresh powder in my life. We got extremely lucky though because last year the skiing conditions were quite the opposite.

Hotel & Accomodations 


We stayed at the Westin Riverfront Resort & spa in Avon. I loved staying there because it is in a central location to all of the good mountains including beaver creek, Vail, and Keystone. They had a  gondola on property that took you straight up to the ski lift in Beaver Creek which was convenient and easy. When i visit more touristy areas like this I always like to stay a little off the beaten path which is exactly what the Westin provided. It was nice being able to go into town at night and enjoy all the little mountain villages had to offer but then being able to get away from it as well where it was less crowded.

Our on-site contact was Myra. She was on top of it. Everyday she called to remind us and confirm our dinner reservations. She was even kind enough to have a Christmas tree put in our condo since we would be there on Christmas day. Myra went above and beyond to make our stay top notch and that it was.

There was a ski rental store located on property. This made the rental process hassle free since we just had to go downstairs. They stored all of our rentals each day and would put them out for us each morning. It was so nice not having to lug around all of the heavy equipment.

Maya was the restaurant on-site. Unfortunately, since I was sick the first 24 hours, I missed our dinner here, but my cousins reported back and said it was no comparison to the tex-mex we are used to. Although they weren’t fans of the dinner options, we enjoyed having breakfast here each morning before we went out to ski. You had the option to eat at the buffet or order off of the menu. It was nice having the option to do either or.

Our condo was so nice and cozy. It had a fire-place and a view of the mountain and river. Every morning I got up and enjoyed my coffee on the couch by the fire, taking in the panoramic mountain views and wildlife. One morning we were even able to watch deer cross over the river. I still am not over the view and miss being able to enjoy it each morning. It was spectacular no matter what time of day, in the morning while it snowed and in the evening at sunset.


The Spa Anjali was incredible with loads of options, I wish I was able to have more time to enjoy a service. When you book any spa package you are able to enjoy all of the amenities for the day including the sauna, steam room, quiet room , & much more. I ran out of time so I wasn’t able to get any services, but I did find 45 minutes to take a sweat in the sauna with a $20 spa day pass which allows acces to all of their amentities without including receiving a service.

Shopping & Dining

We spent a lot of time at Vail Village. Our first afternoon was spent walking around shopping, just enjoying the little town at the bottom of the mountain. Since our hotel was a little more off the beaten path, we ate the majority of our dinners here. It was so pretty at nigt, completely lit with twinkle lights and an ice skating rink. A few of the restaurants we tried were:


Pazzo’s pizzeria



I have saved the best for last! On Christmas Eve we went to a local church for their service. The community was so sweet and welcoming. They offered cider and cookies while you were walking in and crudités to tide you over until your big Christmas Eve meal. After church we went to the most magical restaurant on top of the mountain for dinner. It was an incredibly unique experience from start to finish. Beginning with a ride on the gondola up the mountain, then taking a snowcat to the chateau, Game Creek Club.

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It gets even better.the dining room is nothing extravagant, but it is large, and cozy with a huge fireplace. The dining was out of this world. All five courses were maticulously prepaired and plated artistically. The wine list was also top notch. The waitstaff was great, and very helpful. Our evening here was beyond elegant. We found out it is the #1 place to have brunch in the summer, so hopefully we will be able to make a trip back to try it out sometime.

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Things to do: 



We spent both of our ski days on the Beaver Creek side of the mountain. We loved that it was less crowded and easy to navigate with a wide variety of runs to choose from. There were lots of stopping points along the way to rest which was nice. Most of the other palces I have skiid have only had lodges for bathrooms and dinging at the bottom so it was great to ave to option to stop in the middle of a run if necessary.

The mountain offers a wide variety of runs. A lot of them were combinations which was good for our group because we were all different level skiers. This gave us the oprotunity to start at the same point, break off in the middle and meet to re-group at the bottom. I would highly suggest this for larger groups so that you can all stay together during the day. Since there was only three of us, it was a plus being able to ski together despite our ski abilities.

Dog sledding


I was so excited to have the opportunity to check this off of my bucket list. The Winterhawk Dogsled Adventures was about an hour away from our hotel, but the drive was gorgeous. The park was family owned and run by a mother and son with an extremely experience staff. Each sled its two people, so my cousin and I shared a sled. Over the course of our five mile trek, our driver shared all about the world of dog sledding. It was so interesting to hear his stories and learn about the sport. He has actually trained dogs for the Ididarod race in Alaska which is an incredibly difficult task. Once we had gotten to lay back and ride for a little while he let us drive the sled, which was really cool, but also a little nerve racking. Our ride was so relaxing, taking in all the views.

When our ride came to an end we had the chance to take a tour of the property and see all of the other dogs, 72 to be exact. We learned howthey care for sucha large group and about the ideal breed for dog sledding. It was a really unique experience I will never forget.

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We had such a great time in Beaver Creek. The town itself has so much to offer wether you come in the winter or summer. You can be as active or as lazy as you want with so many options of activities for everyone you are traveling with. I would say our trip was a 5/10 on the lazy scale. We enjoyed our mornings in the condo drinking coffee by the fire, but we were able to also enjoy a lot of the outdoor activites BC has to offer. If you are considering planning a ski trip this season I highly reccomend BC or Vail.