Getting Goals in 2019


Like everyone else, I normally start with a list of resolutions on January 1 each year, just for the sake of it. I have never taken much time to really think them through and would use my friends goals as inspiration or make a really broad one like lose weight. Last year, was a major year of growth for me and a lot of it had to do with my mindset.

When I started thinking about my resolutions this year, I realized part of the reason I always seem to give up on my resolutions is because of mindset, that’s why I have decided to nix resolutions and set GOALS for 2019. The difference in goals vs. resolutions is that they are measurable by the journey and attitude of how you get there.

This year, I did not worry about making sure I had my goals set on day one of 2019, but I have taken the time I needed to reflection in order to set a few personal, professional, fitness, and wellness GOALS. I have taken time to really set some big and small goals for myself, not for anyone else.  I hope that sharing these with you will inspire your goals for 2019. Let’s take on the last teen year of the century & make it our best yet!



  • Visit two new countries
  • Finding a church community in New York to get plugged into
  • To stop being scared of the unknown by going for my goals full speed ahead. You never know unless you try!


  • Grow my personal brand by placing more focus on & prioritizing Being the travel & beauty resource for all my followers looking for a little adventure & glow.
  •  Let those creative juices flow! Stop doubting your creativity. Your strength may be someone’s weakness. Figure out your plug & use it.


  • Strong not skinny— this has become my motto over the past year and I plan to keep it. I have a love hate relationship with my body & working out but finding what works for me and changing my perspective continues to keep me going.


  • Less screen time— starting small. There have been so many studies saying the blue light effects your sleep so my goal is to create a routine where I put my phone down and hour-30 minutes before I go to sleep and instead of turning on Netflix pick up a book to read.
  • STOP eliminating, START balancing. For years I have used all of my allergies as an excuse to eliminate really anything “unhealthy”. I confess, I have had a very skewed definition of health until really the last six months. It is a daily struggle for someone with ED, but admitting it and working each day to fuel my body with the nutrients it needs will lead to the road of success.

Take each day one step at a time. Baby steps, You can do it, but knowing that you have done it well is when you have really achieved it. Set your goals and make a list of steps on how you’re going to achieve them. Who cares if you didn’t start on January 1st or if you start on January 7th , all that matters is that you start. If you haven’t made your list, take some time to pick up your phone or journal this weekend and jot down a few goals, the steps you are going to take to achieve them and start when you are ready!

pop tips

  • Apps: there are apps for everything, find one that can help you manage and maintain the steps to reaching whatever your goal may be
  • Reflect: I began journaling this year and even just doing it once a week has made all the difference and allows me to see where I started and where I am now.
  • Accountability: anything is easier when you have someone on your team. Find a friend to walk along side you and be apart of your journey in 2019.