Food & Drink Guide-Positano, Italy


I am a foodie, but I have numerous food allergies, which makes things slightly complicated. When I initially started telling people I was going to Italy, their first question was, “What are you going to eat” since the perception is that there is only pasta around. Granted, there is LOADS of bread and pasta everywhere, but every restaurant we went to had gluten free  and dairy free options. It was such a relief and a blessing knowing that I could go and enjoy the same Italian food as everyone else without having to worry about my allergies.

It’s always great to have a traveling partner that appreciates good food as much as I do. The  majority of our trip revolved around what, where and when we were going to eat. We went to all the top spots as well as a few more lesser known local spots.

pop tips

  •  To make sure you get to eat at all of the top restaurants on your list, be sure to make reservations as soon as possible.
  • Most people eat from 7-10 so we liked going for apps and drinks around 6 to hold us over until dinner normally around 7:30 or 8.

Ristorante Max

This was the first restaurant we visited in Positano. We dipped in on a whim as we were sweating and starving and we had a delicious lunch with a sweet wait staff to match.


Must have: 

  • Seafood Risotto
  • Charcuterie Board

Chez Black  

I stalked Chez Black on Instagram for months before we got to Positano, so the first thing I did was make sure to make a reservation here. They only had openings on our first night, so we kicked off our trip with a bang. Our hope was that we would see JLo since she was there two nights before, but we didn’t get so lucky. For anyone that is a Food network lover like myself, Katie Lee also loves this spot! The interior is decorated like a boat, which is perfect as it is set right on the boardwalk of the beach. The walls are lined with pictures of the manager with all of the famous people that have visited. It was fun to look around and see all of the familiar faces that had sat in the restaurant before us. It’s open air so as you’re eating you can hear the waves and smell the ocean. We loved it here and ended up spending most of the night just enjoying the scene with the band playing in the background.

fullsizeoutput_5c29fullsizeoutput_5c27fullsizeoutput_5c2bMust have: 

  • Heart shaped pizza


La Zagara

La Zagara was great for a quick morning bite. We stopped in here because it was a  beautiful day of course and they had a nice patio. We had coffee and pizza for brunch because when in Italy? They also have a wonderful bakery and gelato.


Must have:

  • ANY of the carbs, pastries, pizza, sandwiches you name it!

Buca Di Baco

Although we didn’t have a typical dining experience here since it was part of our cooking class, our food was still insanely incredible and extra cheesy! We did eye what everyone around us was eating and it all looked delicious as well. If we would have been there longer we definitely would have gone back for dinner another night.


Must have:

  • Gnocchi & any of the homemade desserts

Caffe Positano


We spent the majority of our time at the bottom of the mountain, so when we could we made a point to explore the top a little more. This spot was on the side of the hill overlooking the city and the ocean. A sweet way to start any morning. I could have sat there overlooking the cliff sipping my Café for hours.


Must have:

  • A juice & croquette

Il Fornillo

This place made my gluten free pizza dreams a reality. They also serve complimentary garlic knots that are to die for (not gluten free but worth the tummy ache). Their pizza menu had a wide variety of choices from your classic cheese to any unique combination you can think of. We went for a meat lovers with all of the Italian meats.  We chose to sit outside as much as possible all week so we always requested outdoor seating when avilable. The breeze at night made it so pleasant. Il Fornillo was halfway down the mountain and we got to watch the sunset, which was a gorgeous ending to a  delicious dinner.


Must have:

  • Any of the pizzas, but try and branch out, get something you can’t necessarily get in the States

Il San Pietro

Heaven. On. Earth. From the time you walk up to the view overlooking the mountain, to the life changing dishes, this is a meal I will never forget. Unfortunately, it was rainy so we didn’t get to enjoy the outdoor patio as much, but I would love to go back and have drinks and dinner there some day.

For somewhere that is very high class, the wait staff was abnormally friendly. The chef was also so kind and came around to every table to speak to the guests and ask how their meals were. He also was very accommodating when it came to allergies. I really appreciated that extra at this restaurant because it was a little more expensive than average.

There is not one thing I could choose as my favorite. Each bite was delicious and unique. Like nothing I had ever tasted before. It was the fine dining experience of my dreams!


Must have:

  • Splurge on the lunch pre-fixe menu so you can have a few different things

Le Sirenusé & La Sponda  

Le Sirenuse is a hotel that is also home to a famous bar and restaurant right in the heart of Positano. La Sponda is the restaurant, lined with twinkle lights and a fine dining experience that is pure magic. We ate here on their holiday, Ferragosto, so it was even more special than normal. We enjoyed a four course meal that was not to be believed. Similar to San Pietro, not only is it now in my top 3 list of the best meals I have ever eaten, but the artistry put into each of the dishes was impeccable making the meal even more memorable.

My favorite part was at the end when they give you a little trinket box with a lemon cake in it to take home with you. Talk about decadent. I will remember the fluffy goodness of that little flourless lemon spongecake forever.



Must have:

  • The seafood pasta

Drinks & Sweets 


A view that can not be beat, but it is crowded most nights so make sure you go early or be prepared to wait in line.

Collina Bakery 

If you are needing a mid-day sugar rush, head over to Collina to grab a gelato or ice pop.

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Processed with VSCO with g6 preset



Rada is a restaurant, bar and night club. We went for after dinner drinks and had a great time. You have to go just to enjoy the nightlife and at least make a lap around the dance floor at Music On The Rocks.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of the restaurants in Positano. There are so many we didn’t get to try that were on our list. This is the place where it is perfectly okay to  just eat, drink, and be happy.