Villas Flamingos Holbox Resort Review & Photo Diary


Can I go back now? With my last semester of Grad school coming to a close, and finals right around the corner, a week spent in paradise was the perfect medicine for major brain overload. This was our second visit to Villas Flamingos and was nothing short of wonderful. We have fallen so in love that each time we are there, we start planning our next visit before we even leave. This is a big deal for my family because we love to try new places when we travel, but Villas Flamingos is our one exception.


This little gem is hidden on Isla Holbox off the coast of Cancun, and commonly referred to as “the new Tulum”. It takes 2.5 hours to get to the island from the Cancun airport. I will warn you, it’s a trek. From the airport you hop on a shuttle that takes you on a 2 hour drive to the ferry. The ferry ride is about 30 minutes to Isla Holbox. It is the ULTIMATE escape if you are dying for some major R&R. The island is very rural. No cars, just golf carts, and access to internet is slim to none.

We were introduced to Villas Flamingos in 2017. One of our very best family friends hosted her destination wedding onsite. Our experience this year was a little different because obviously we had not rented out the entire place like before, so there would be other guests there. This did not change our experience one bit. Since there are only 30 rooms, we actually became friends with many of the guests that were staying there as well, which was fun! Very few of the guests not only at our resort but even on the island, are from America. It is always so interesting meeting people from all over and getting their perspective on the island.


Due to all of the wedding festivities last year, we have had the chance to see all of the different rooms. Each one is luxurious and its own little paradise. Of course there are different levels, but no matter what emmenities your room may have I promise it is guaranteed to be your own haven.  This year we had a room on the second story with a balcony, and hot tub. We have also stayed in a room with a balcony and mini pool which was my personal favorite. The hotel is currently in the process of renovating all of their rooms. A few of them were finished while we were there. The new finishes and designs are all white making you feel like you are really in heaven.

The staff is bar none the most accommodating, and friendly staff I have ever encountered. They have become our friends and we keep up with them throughout the year. The service is impeccable. If they do not have something you want, they will have it imported in. For instance my mom is picky about her wine, she likes sauvignon blanc and that is it. This year the hotel was not serving any but when she mentioned that is what she liked they imported a case in to keep at the hotel bar just for her. I would like to mention, she did NOT ask them to do this, they did this on their own and to just shows how much they really case about their guests.


The hotel features 3 pools, 2 of which are exclusive to adults. We LIVED in the adult pools. The design was sleek and featured a large space to lay, read, and soak up the sun while staying cool. These two pools are located on the outer wing of the property which made them even more peaceful with the limited traffic. The largest pool is located in the heart of the property with a lounge deck around it. The bar is settled in right next to it.

The bar and restaurant are phenomenal! Most days we ate lunch on the property and a few nights we even opted for a chill night with dinner in our pjs. The menu has numerous variations of guacamole, ceviche, and all kinds of meat and seafood. Oh, and their pasta is surprisingly ridiculous. At least two people in our party ate it every day. Each morning a complimentary breakfast is served under the beachside patio. You can start your morning with coffee, fresh squeezed juices, fruit, pancakes, and omelette bar and more! When we are here, I wake up early and just go sit and enjoy my coffee, mingle with the staff and guests and enjoy the morning glories of the seaside view while sipping my coffee.


Spa services are also available onsite. I have gotten a massage during both of our stays and to this day it is in the top two best I have ever had. If you are looking for a lot of activities, Holbox may not be the place for you. Since the island is very rural, there are not many excursions and activities available. This year, we rented a boat with a private guide. We went fishing, snorkeling, and explored a hidden island where our guide told us all about the land and nature of the are. We saw so many interesting creatures and crystal clear water.


If you are looking for a place to escape your worries and bring you all the zen, Holbox is the place for you!