Pop Tips: Post Vacay Routine


Anyone else have a hard time getting back into their routine post vacay? I sure do. Especially when I know i’m coming back to finals. I’ve had to really motivate myself this week to kick it into high gear & there was no time to just ease myself back into it.

pop tips

  1. In our house we celebrate our coming home with a pizza party. The second we hop in the cab from the airport we get on seamless to start our order from Two Boots Pizza so that when we turn the corner down our street we can press order and have it delivered by the time we get settled back in. We normally try to plan Saturday- Saturday trips so that instead of having to worry about getting back late etc., we can get home whenever and spend Sunday getting out of our ” ugh we have to go back to the real world” slump.fullsizeoutput_42e42. In an effort to quickly snap myself back into reality, I started off by waking up early Sunday morning, so that my wake up call on Monday might be a little less harsh. I will go ahead and confess, I did not get out of my pajamas all day. I took the day to catch up on emails, school work and make a to do list of what I needed to accomplish this week. I caught up on some of my shows, plastered my face with a GLAMGLOW mask and soaked up my last day off.

IMG_55403.There is just something about vacation that makes you feel invincible, or is it just me? Even with all of my food allergies when i’m on vacay I want to try everything, and I do {The key is to keep my stomach medicine and Benadryl on hand in case of emergency}One of my guilty pleasures is grocery shopping, especially when there is nothing in the fridge. So Sunday I placed my Fresh Direct order so that I had my groceries for the week. My eating habits are the first thing I try to straighten out when I return from a trip. After a week of guac on guac on guac with a side of pina colada, my body was literally craving all the health foods. I got back into my nutritional cleansing on Sunday with my macro balances meals and lots of water. By the time I woke up Monday I was feeling way less like a beached whale.

4. The last & hardest part of coming back from vacation is lacing up my sneakers & getting back into the gym. Since I’ve had mono the past few months, my workout routine has been sparatic. To be honest, I didn’t push myself to head back to the gym until this morning, but I feel so much better. Now that I’ve really gotten back into my weekly routine, i’m ready to kick these next two weeks of finals in the pants & walk across that stage May 18!

Still living out of my suitcase, but baby steps, right?

Since I live on the go I’m really learning what I need to do in order to get back into the swing of things, but I would love to hear what you guys do to get back into your routine!