Work hard, Play Hard

Out off office once again, but that doesn’t mean all the work comes to a screeching halt.  I would much rather take my work with me than being stuck in class or the office all day. Having to get things done from your couch at home on the weekend is less than glamorous, but working on projects for finals laid out beach side, soaking up some rays, and sippin on fruity drinks makes the dreaded task a little more bearable.


So how do you stay productive when you’re on vacay though, isn’t the point to take a break from everything and relax? Yes and no. I’ve learned that it just takes some balance.  pop tips  to make sure you relax and get your work done so that you don’t feel:

  1. Pile it on before you leave: Get as much done before you leave for vacation, even if that means a few late nights or early mornings, the less you have to do while gone the better. When you get tired halfway through the day due to a lack of sleep, just remember its going to be worth it when you don’t have to spend to much time working on vacation.
  2. Work on the plane: Instead of watching a movie or taking a siesta, use your time on the plane to write those papers, respond to emails, and finish up any other outstanding business. That way while your on your trip you can get things done, but at least turn on your automatic out of office email response.
  3. Wake up early: Pick a few mornings to wake up before the rest of your party and get your work done. That way you wont be as distracted or feel like you have to miss out on something during the day.
  4. Skip: Maybe there is an excursion they want to do or a restaurant they are wanting to try that you aren’t crazy about, instead of spending more money, opt out and use that time to have a little peace, quiet, and be productive.

Last week I was utilizing every single hour of the day I could to get everything done and now I have only had to devote a few hours out of my trip to my final project for one of my classes. Well worth a week of craziness. Up and at em’ this morning submitting my paper for school, and read to head out for a lazy day on a boat with my friends and family!