Why I Fly Delta

I’ve been a Delta Airlines skymiles member since I was 2, I’m tellin ya, I was born to be a travel guru. There’s a reason I can not stay put for long, my parents started me young and I am so grateful. Delta has come a long way. When I was younger I remember always flying delta only when I was with my parents, but when traveling on my own, which I  did quite often, I was not loyal to any specific airline, all I was worried about was price.

Times have changed. I have learned a lot about travel and I have become one of the loyalist Delta medallion members. Their perks are hard to beat. Once I got to the point where I was having to pay for my own flights, I needed someone reliable, and that would not only take care of me in flight, but at every touchpoint of my travel.

10 reasons i’m livin the #skymileslife & never turning back:

  1. Branded Credit Card: Delta x Amex credit card lets you earn miles for every dollar spent and double miles for every dollar spent on a Delta purchase. I switched to the Delta Amex this year and it has been game changer. Depending on when you sign up, you can receive anywhere from 30k-70k boys miles just for spending a certain amount on your card in the first 3 months. That right there will pay fr a flight on its on! Why would you not sign up? 
  2. Lyft partnership: Link your Delta and Lyft apps and receive miles for all of your lyft rides and double miles for trips to and from an airport 
  3. Medallion Status: Hitting medallion status no matter what level is like joining the royal family. With each level you get added benefits some of those are free upgrades, priority check-in and boarding, and 20 extra lbs of luggage (70 lbs)
  4. Skymiles Shopping: Earn miles for shopping online. HELLO can this be my new job? I’m an online shopping pro and I can get miles for spending at participating stores, sign me up!
  5. Airline Partners: Delta has a long list of partners that you can gain miles from flying with if there is not a delta flight available (e.g. i flew Virgin Atlantic to the U.K and got miles for it)
  6. Skymiles Dining: Are you a foodie? Earn miles for dining by signing up for skymiles dining and receive points every time you dine at participating restaurants
  7. In-flight messaging: FREE texting while in flight, okay okay okay okay
  8. Snacks: By far the BEST snack offerings of any other airline, from the status quo pretzels to Kind bars and fresh fruit
  9. App: What makes their app different from others is that its has more capabilities including flight bookings, hotel and car bookings, minute to minute flight updates,
  10. Sky-club: If you travel frequently delta offers a membership to their sky-club for an annual fee. Instead of sitting at your gate when you have a 3 hour layover, relax, catch up on emails with free WiFi and load up on snacks and beverages in the sky lounge. Each of the sky clubs is different so depending on where you are lounging, you may have the chance to sit on the rooftop lounge of your airport like at JFK. 

Once you have had the chance to experience all of these benefits its hard to fly anything else even if it is cheaper. Between the points from my amex, flights and lyft rides, I’ve paid for two flights with miles already this year. Why not make a change and switch to Delta and join the #skymileslife so you can travel in style too!