Skincare No Matter Where

I recently purchased a new toiletries bag because the one I  had was super cute but just wasn’t functional. My new one keeps me organized and doesn’t take up a lot of space which is a plus. What I love is that it has little pockets around the inside to keep me organized. My favorite bonus feature on this bag is the pouch that you can clip in and out. I like keeping all of my piggers (the normal persons ponytail holder), clippie’s and all of my other little hair products in there. To really round out the functionality of this bag it has a flat bottom, so you can stand it up to easily reach in and grab whatever you’re needing!

Something that I never compromise on when packing my suitcase is downsizing on my beauty and skincare products. Although I am a minimalist 90% of the time when it comes to my beauty routine, I always like to be prepared when traveling and never want to have to compromise on my skincare routine just because the full sized takes up more room. That’s why I hoard, yes I confess, I hoard my favorite beauty products in travel sizes. I have really dry skin and it tends to act up when I travel so I like to be prepared. Here a few of my must haves to keep my skin glowing when i’m on the go:

  • Joe Malone Body Wash 
  • Poopourri: This stuff. If ya gotta go ya gotta go. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and get a few travel size bottles from Amazon
  • Clinique DDML: This is some of my favorite moisturizer especially when i’m in the sun. Its so hydrating and really makes my skin feel refreshed when I have been in the sun and salt water all day long. I get these travel sizes every time I purchase the full size. Clinque gift with purchase coming in clutch!
  • Estee Lauder Modern Muse: Do you have a favorite scent? Modern muse is one of my go-to’s. Its light and soft. I got lucky when I snagged this tiny bottle at sephora. Always make sure to check out their Beauty on the Fly section. They change out the products frequently, bt you never know when you may stumble upon some of your favorites in travel size.
  • Glamglow Face wash
  • Estee Lauder Daywear

When you are packing up your skincare routine, evaluate and prioritize what you can not live without and the few extra steps that you can skimp on. Start collecting your favorite skincare products in travel sizes from gift with purchases, or the Sephora on the fly isle.