Pop into My Carry On- Volume 1. Issue 1

The contents in my carry on change from trip to trip and so does my bag. With Finals right around the corner, my  backpack will be sitting under the seat in front of me from NY–> Mexico, to fit all of my normal carry on staples in addition to my laptop and notebook. Honestly, I hate having to travel with my laptop. Do any of you have the new iPad pro with the keyboard? I’m looking to purchase one after graduation just to make traveling a little easier. Pro’s/con’s? Leave them in the comments!

To fit everything I normally take + my laptop + everything else I need to work on my projects for school i’m taking my lululemon backpack, which is on sale now! My best friend got me this backpack for my birthday this year and I am absolutely in love. I initially was using it as my gym bag, but now I am using it for everything! Its has tons of pockets on the inside and outside which helps to keep you organized, including a zipper for your laptop and a zipper for your tennis shoes on the bottom. To top it off, it’s s super light which is great for when i’m having to walk back and forth to class in the city.

I have gotten the whole carry on contents thing down to a science.I’ve been training for this since I was a tot and after years of packing everything I own “just in case” I have finally learned to only pack the essentials that I know I will need on the airplane before I arrive at my destination. Two things you will ALWAYS find in my carry on are my water bottle and jewelry bag. Take a peak inside to see what i’ll be flying with on my early ( I mean 6 a.m. early) flight to Mexico:

  1. ALWAYS pack your jewelry in your carry on. Many of my friends have learned this one the hard way by having some of their favorite pieces stolen out of their suitcase. Save yourself the heartbreak and pack fewer pieces so that it fits in your carry on.
  2. Pack an empty water bottle that you can fill up once you get through security. No one wants to spend 5 bucks on water in the airport, instead save yourself the money and pack your favorite water bottle (I always take my swell or camelback) and fill it up once you get through security.
  3. LESS is more. There is nothing worse than a heavy carry on especially when you have a layover. The last thing you want to have to do is lug around a heavy tote that hurts your back and shoulders.